Conmen find new ways to dupe greedy realtors


HYDERABAD: As realtor K Rajeev was showing a real estate project (site) at Nanakramguda to a potential buyer in November, he received a call on his mobile phone. The caller, who spoke to him in Telugu and sounded that he was in a hurry, told him that he was a Non-resident Indian (NRI) based in Dubai and was looking for a prime property. In the brief conversation, he dropped enough hints that a handsome commission would be up for the grabs in the deal.

After some days, Rajeev received another call. The caller, this time was a person desperate and racing against time to dispose of his property, even at a loss. Rajeev, who decided to broker a deal between the Dubai NRI and the desperate property owner, ended up getting conned. This is the new modus operandi adopted by fraudsters to dupe greedy realtors. In the last couple of months, six realtors have complained to the Cyberabad police claiming that they lost lakhs of rupees in fraudulent real estate deals.

The 'NRI conman' dials a real estate agent and says that he would pay a short visit to Hyderabad and seal the property deal during his stay here. A little later, the con calls the realtor again, this time as a prospective seller, who wants to dispose of his property immediately as he needs money urgently. "The seller even throws a tantrum and threatens to approach someone else offering 10% of the value as commission. When the realtor asks for property papers, the seller puts a condition that it will be given only on payment of Rs two lakh or so as it is a high-value property. In their greed to clinch the deal, from the buyer and seller, realtors are paying token amounts (in a few lakhs) and getting duped,'' Cyber Crime cop M Riyazuddin said.

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