Infrastructure development will not hurt taxpayer’s wallet: KTR

Speaking at a select gathering largely comprising business professionals, Mr. Rao asserted that no individual or government could take credit for shaping a city like Hyderabad, which by virtue of its geography and trade importance shaped into the metropolis of today. Recounting some of the city’s history, he said governments could only have been catalysts and that individuals who seek credit for what the city is have in fact gained reputation working for the city, he said while taking a dig at TDP and Congress.

Invitees to the gathering were by registration. Nearly 600 people representatives from various professions attended the Minister’s presentation at a luxury hotel on Sunday.

Following his presentation, Mr. Rao took questions from the gathering. One of the audiences asked him whether the ruling government’s welfare initiative will hurt the taxpayer and if borrowings of the government to improve GHMC will result in increased taxes.

Mr. Rao responded saying his government was committed to welfare and cross-subsidisation was imperative. He also added that the taxpayer in GHMC would in some way eventually pay for the city’s development but the government will ensure the impact is minimal. “Let me not be sly about it,” the Minister said while speaking about taxpayer burden.

He expressed disgust at open urination in the city and also said efforts will be made to improve green cover, when pointed out that city’s green cover is less than mandated 30 percent of land-use.

Audiences sought responses on women empowerment, commitment to industry, and also improvement of neglected areas like Malkajigiri. “Pipeline works currently underway in Malkajigiri will soon bring water to the area and the condition of roads will improve,” he assured one questioner from Anandbagh who rued that the area had become a disaster.

“No right to seek people’s support”

Mr. Rama Rao, who spearheaded the TRS campaign for GHMC elections on Sunday, said none of the Opposition parties, including AIMIM have a single reason to seek people’s support. However, the TRS has every reason to do so by the virtue of its commitment shown to improve infrastructure in the city during the last 19 months, Mr. Rama Rao said minutes before the high-decibel campaign came to an end on Sunday.

“Congress, TDP-BJP and Majlis have no reasons as to why people should vote for them as they are the one responsible for all problems in the city. It was they who headed the civic body in the past. But the TRS has proved what it is capable of doing,” he said. He reiterated that TRS would win the Mayor’s seat on its own and there was no room for any talk of taking support from other parties as of now, he said in response to a question.

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