Musical touch to GHMC polls

The lyrics praise the contestants and their ‘achievements’ apart from the party leaders they belong to. Well, music has become an integral part of the campaign of all the contestants irrespective of the parties. What was confined to just major political parties in the State or National elections has now caught on with small time contestants as well.

And small time writers and musicians have used it to the full potential. It is not just money but also an opportunity for these artistes to present their talent to people in the film and television industry. And they get paid pretty decent amount for the work, which they finish off in two or three days. Singers, writers and musicians make around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1 lakh depending on the financial status of the candidates and their rivals. “Songs play a key role in the campaign as they introduce the candidate and his work to the voters easily and effectively,” says Gadari Kishore, MLA from Tungaturthy, who has helped Kothapet TRS candidate, G.V. Sagar Reddy in creating an album for the campaign. “Thanks to the album we are way ahead of others in the campaign.”

Narsi Reddy, a singer from Nalgonda, who has sung for a few albums for contestants from different parties, says rural singers with folk background are sought-after for such albums. The lyrics are mostly rustic with little focus on literary aspect of it and singers effortlessly go about singing the racy numbers. The musicians are mostly those working for television serials or those working for the local bands. Most candidates prefer popular film tunes.

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